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Tomorrow Never Comes


Released 18/03/2002 on Splinter Series

Xinlisupreme are Yasumi Okano and Takayuki Shouji who hail from Oita in South-West Japan, and describe themselves as a 'tender, strange, spiritual, violent band'. Specific details of the band have proved difficult to obtain due to neither of us speaking one another's language. E-mail conversations to and fro have been sporadic and highly confusing, but despite this, the band’s impact and app...
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    1. Kyoro
    2. Goodbye for All
    3. Symetry
    4. All You Need Is Love Is Not True
    5. Suzu
    6. I Drew a Picture of Myself
    7. Under a Clown
    8. Amaryllis
    9. You Died in the Sea
    10. Untitled
    11. Fatal Sisters Opened Umberella
    12. Nameless Song