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Spirit They're Gone, Spirit They've Vanished

Animal Collective

Released 08/06/2009 on Splinter Series

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We are hugely excited to announce the latest in our series of limited edition rematered DMM vinyl reissues of classic FatCat albums – with Animal Collective’s ‘Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished’ and ‘Danse Manatee’ now available for the first time ever on vinyl. Originally released in a very small CD-only pressing on their own Animal l...
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    1. Spirit They've Vanished
    2. April And The Phantom
    3. Untitled
    4. Penny Dreadfuls
    5. Chocolate Girl
    6. Everyone Whistling
    7. La Rapet
    8. Bat You'll Fly
    9. Someday I'll Grow Up To Be As Tall As The Giant
    10. Alvin Row

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