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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Thunder Tracks

Thunder Tracks is the project of singer-songwriter and visual artist Jake Scott.

Jake studied poetry and studio art at the University of Oklahoma but dropped out to pursue art and music. He has been writing and releasing home recordings since 2005 in small runs to family and friends. Since 2009, he has released 3 EP's as Thunder Tracks.

The 25 year-old Oklahoma native's mellow bedroom-recorded songs include ghosts, light, colour and wildlife as recurring themes. He names the likes of Devendra Banhart, Neil Young and Vashti Bunyan as inspirations. His lo-fi music shows his appreciation for the inconsistencies that can happen in the recording process, as in working with watercolours or ink on wet paper. His creaking songs echo warm golden light through a cold room, bathing it in intimate memories and lost moments. He says Thunder Tracks is ‘a canyon carved with poetry like snaking rivers, crawling lazily on their bellies, in search of the awe of life and light.’