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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Stray Ghost

Stray Ghost is the alias of Oxfordshire-born composer and multi-instrumentalist, Anthony Saggers. He has released eight full length albums on various labels worldwide to a small but overwhelmingly positive critical response.

After spending four years scraping a living in Paris, he is now based in Brighton where he continues to produce albums steeped in melancholy and nostalgia.

His tracks are cinematic in style, with delicate piano lines building superbly to incorporate heart-wrenching strings and various other instruments. Critics describe his music as exploring the "depths of sadness, with fleeting glimpses of peaceful joy and solitude." Fans of our own 130701 imprint, particularly Dustin O'Halloran and Johann Johannsson, are especially encouraged to check this out!


A Home For Caged Harmonies Stray Ghost ambientinstrumental chilledmelancholic downtempo
A Lonely Street to Follow Stray Ghost classicalinstrumental chilledmelancholicsad downtempo
A Passage Of Blissful Weather Stray Ghost instrumentalambient chilledmelancholic downtempo
A Simple Matter of Belonging Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical melancholicromanticchilled downtempo
Aubade Stray Ghost classicalinstrumental chilledromanticsadmelancholic downtempo
Clasp the Hand of the One You Love Stray Ghost classicalinstrumental sadchilledmelancholicromantic downtempo
Claude Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical sadmelancholicchilled downtempo
Déjà Stray Ghost classicalambientinstrumental tensemelancholic downtempo
Gossamer Stray Ghost instrumentalambientclassical melancholicromantic downtempo
In The Light Of Recent Failures Stray Ghost instrumentalambientclassical chilledmelancholicsad downtempo
Instructions On Clockwork Recollection Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical melancholicsad downtempo
Jardin Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical melancholicsadromantic downtempo
Lay Me Through The Cracks In The Storm Stray Ghost classicalinstrumentalambient melancholicchilled downtempo
Migration/Refraction Stray Ghost ambientclassicalinstrumental melancholicchilled downtempo
Music For Robert Walser Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical tensemelancholicsad downtempo
Nostalgia Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient chilledmelancholicromantic downtempo
Nostalgia II Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient melancholicsadchilled downtempo
Nostalgia III Stray Ghost classicalinstrumentalambient chilledmelancholic downtempo
Often Despite Our Best Intentions Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient sadmelancholicchilled downtempo
Our Traces Vanish with the Thaw I Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical sadmelancholicchilledromantic downtempo
Our Traces Vanish with the Thaw II Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient sadmelancholicromanticchilled downtempo
Our Traces Vanish with the Thaw III Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient sadmelancholicromanticchilled downtempo
Signal/Noise Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambientexperimental melancholictense downtempo
So Much to Remember, So Much to Forget Stray Ghost classicalinstrumentalambient tensescarymelancholic downtempo
Song for the Dawn Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient chilledmelancholicsad downtempo
Tape/Rue Du Ranelagh Stray Ghost classicalinstrumental sadmelancholicchilled downtempo
The Time Spent Chasing Lost Daylight Stray Ghost instrumentalclassical sadmelancholic downtempo
To Have Spoken Too Soon Stray Ghost instrumentalclassicalambient sadtensemelancholic downtempo
Under Heavy Snow Stray Ghost classicalinstrumentalambient sadmelancholictense downtempo
What Once Was New Stray Ghost classicalinstrumentalambient tensemelancholic downtempo
What Once We Knew Stray Ghost ambientinstrumentalclassical tensemelancholicsad downtempo