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Fatcat Publishing — Artist

Snow Panda

Snow Panda is the all-encompassing alias for works written, performed, edited, remixed, filmed, and manipulated by Gabe Churray.

As a sonic experimenter living in Virginia, USA, Snow Panda channels the history of recorded music through his mind to create original textural characters and fashion remixes of all genres. His track ‘Reception’ is loosely based on a gamelan melody he overheard one day while listening to a recording of various gamelan pieces. There is only one sample of a small singing bowl used for all the melodic content.

He says he has been piloting his ‘Churray Station’, a cockpit of Rhodes, Juno synthesizer and a whole control panel of effects for almost a decade, building soundscapes from the next century for his own music as well as other artists.

His local collaborator Matthew E. White praises the ‘untamed, electric, space-is-the-place element; that Gabe Churray wild-style’ he has heard him cooking up and the way he has brought a musical voice that is all his own into his music.