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Fatcat Publishing — Artist


Davide De Santis is an Italian musician who moved to London in 1997. After playing in a series of bands, he formed Apartment with which he toured and recorded for over 5 years. Together they released the critically acclaimed album ‘The Dreamer Evasive.’

After leaving Apartment, he began to experiment with keyboards and computers to create powerful new sounds and landscapes while composing cinematic instrumental pieces and exploring the world of sound design.

In 2012 he decided to explore a new instrument: the voice. His first songs as a singer and multi-instrumentalist were crafted from various instrumental pieces; so the next natural step was performing.

After a string of solo shows, he formed his band |dds| with Nicolas and Etienne. They continue to play in and around London and Paris. They plan to start touring and start recording more songs together as a 3-piece.