Odonis Odonis


Based in Toronto, Canada, Odonis Odonis came into being in 2010, taking its name from a friend of bandleader, Dean Tzenos, who was unforgettably called Adonis Adonis. A prolific writer, Dean initially recorded recorded nearly 40 demos in a couple of months before picking out 10 which he took to Vancouver to record with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain). Those 10 tracks were sent over to FatCat, and we were instantly smitten by what we heard.

Wrapping every song with deep sea reverb and cold fingertips, Odonis Odonis distills the vitals of pop and experimentation. Moulded at a young age by the sounds of indie, new wave and industrial mix-tapes passed on by Deanâ??s elder sisters, Odonis Odonis harkens back to the classic 80s sounds of the likes of The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Pixies, Big Black and The Cure, as well as further back to 60s garage and surf. Like a good post-modernist, however, these influences merely colour, but do not define Odonis Odonis. What started off as a whimsical fancy to create an homage to the sounds of his youth, Odonis Odonis ended up converting a cramped den space into a veritable music studio, and ultimately into a full live band. Dean, the driving force behind Odonis Odonis, marries distorted daggers and porcelain vocals into a grimy, gum-splattered m?©nage of surf-gaze, punk and lo-fi. Alongside accomplices Jarod Gibson (Drums, Electronics, Vocals) and Denholm Whale (Bass, Vocals), Odonis Odonisâ?? shadowy impressionism has left the analogue era and into the not-so-distant present. From melodic and ethereal to brash and relentless, Odonis Odonis is the metaphysical equivalent of your favourite mixtape

The bandâ??s first releases came in 2011, with an ultra-limited edition 7â? single - â??Busted Lipâ?? on Canadian label We Are Busy Bodies in May, followed by the release of four tracks on a split 12â? (shared with Deerhunter offshoot, Lotus Plaza) on FatCatâ??s new sister label, Palmist in July. Signing to FatCat in June 2011, the band began playing their first live in May, touring Canada and later the USA. Their debut FatCat album, 'Hollandaze' was released in November and trailed by two digital singles in early 2012. A second album is set to be released in 2012.


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