Palmist Records

Based in Brighton, UK, the Palmist label is an independently run sister label of FatCat Records. It is a labour of love project dedicated to releasing limited vinyl-only runs of artists we love and think more people should hear about. Generally much of the music we release comprises of home recordings, or comes from artists with roots in the DIY tradition.

We believe in the beauty of imperfection over glossy sheen, in doing it yourself rather than paying someone else to do it, and, most importantly, in substance over style. At the same time we also appreciate the physical nature of records and this label is a rejection of music existing only as computer files or internet streams. Most of the packaging is done in-house, we hand number and stamp each record and our label is a celebration of natural individuality, from the music we release to the packaging it comes in.

All of our artwork is done by James Cartwright.

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