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A pure creative, electronic live performer, Dj, composer and writer, European based, created in Taiwan. Discovering a passion for music from an early age whilst working in a jazz and classical music store in Taipei and collaborating on the LVI exhibition organised to raise awareness of vinyl alongside Jing's studies in graphic printing. In order to pursue her curiosity of music Jing real...


Jing - Adularescence - The Wire Review

Posted on Thursday, 8th March

Check out Dan Barrow's (The Wire) fantastic review of Jing's first release Adularescence.

'Jing uses relatively stable rhythms and syths that sometimes verge on the beautiful to lure in listeners,only to cut back to the voices like the end of a dream sequence in a film'

You can read the full review here and get your 12'' here.

Jing - Adularescence

Posted on Monday, 19th February

Last Friday Jing released her 12" Adularescence and it has already got some brilliant comments!

"She makes eerie ASMR style ambient music in the vein of, say, Elysia Crampton, Pan Daijing and PAN's 'mono no aware' compilation" Tiny Mix Tapes

"Beatless psychedelic techno that would make Stanislav Tolkachev proud" Resident Advisor

"There's an element of intrigue beginning to bubble around Jing, who has amassed a reputation for a forward-thinking approach to electronic music" The Ransom Note

"Off piste production meets a coherent emotional message. De-constructing techno tropes and re-arranging them as she wishes, Jing conjures the cinematic while embracing deeply personal aspects" Clash

To get your own dose of Jing you can now buy her music by following this link

Jing Premiere On Tiny Mix Tapes

Posted on Tuesday, 6th February

Tiny Mix Tapes have just premiered the new 6dimensions release by Jing. Using soundscapes and story telling, its a release that deserves a proper listen. You can stream the whole release which is out 16th Feb on the site now.

Buy the limited vinyl here

Jing - It Used To Be A Dream Of Mine on Resident Advisor

Posted on Tuesday, 9th January

You can now listen to Jing ''It Used To Be A Dream Of Mine'' on Resident Advisor.

'A new artist on Steve Bicknell's label offers up a piece of beatless psychedelic techno that would make Stanislav Tolkachev proud'

Pre-order Jing's first release here.