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A long time outsider in the scene, Heartless kept his productions close guarded until recently. After honing his craft as a resident DJ, promoter and sound boy, his emergence follows the gradual building of a studio. Spurred on by the recent rise of modular equipment, which finally presented the medium to express his vision, and a return of figures such as Steve Bicknell, whose sound and ethos wer...


Mixmag Premier - Heartless - Impulse Model

Posted on Wed, 9th August, 2017

Mixmag TV have just premiered a brand new track taken from the forthcoming Heartless 12" 'Impulse Model' on 6dimensions.

'Circuit Form [0.2]' showcases the acid tinged techno that lives throughout the EP and you can have a listen here

The EP is out on the 15th of Sept and you can order the vinyl and digital here