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Frightened Rabbit

Though the past year has seen Frightened Rabbit finally step into public view, with more extensive touring and three full-length albums now publicly available, the past few years have largely been about the band quietly, committedly honing their sound, and cultivating their art. Now a five-piece comprising Scott, Billy, Andy, Gordon and Grant, the origins of the band are rooted in 2003, when Scott...


7" Vinyl By Jetpacks, Twilight Sad And Frightened Rabbit In Stock Now

Posted on Fri, 9th September, 2016

We have just found very limited copies of the following 7". All these titles are now in our webstore !

We have just found very limited copies of the following 7". All these titles are now in our webstore !

We Were Promised Jet Packs

7FAT83 - Human Error / Ink Slowly Dries

7FAT82 - Medicine / Building Buildings

7FAT48 - Quiet Little Voices

Frightened Rabbit

7FAT71 - Nothing Like You / Learned Your Name

7FAT69 - Swim Until You Can’t See Land / Fun Stuff

7FAT47 - I Feel Better  The Twist

7FAT33 - The Greys / Be Less Rude

The Twilight Sad

7FAT67 - I Became a Prostitute / In The Blackout

7FAT49 - Seven Years Of Letters / Suck


Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight - Limited Vinyl Stock

Posted on Mon, 23rd May, 2016

Now back in stock in a very limited quantity on vinyl - Frightened Rabbits classic second LP "Midnight Organ Fight".

You can buy it here